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Dispute Resolution

The economic costs, the distraction from the real business of a company, and the drain on personnel that occur in any litigation are enormous. Many times, litigation can and should be avoided.

Ms. Conroy works with clients to assess the risks and benefits of various ways of responding to and resolving conflicts. Where litigation is an undesirable alternative (as is often the case) she re-negotiates agreements to get relationships back on track. If that's not possible, she structures, negotiates and drafts agreements for settlement, ideally before one side files a lawsuit.

Ms. Conroy combines fifteen years of experience litigating I.P. and contract disputes, including:

  • Software distribution and license agreements;
  • Trade secret disputes;
  • Patent licenses and development agreements;
  • OEM license and marketing agreements; and
  • Similar intellectual property and commercial contracts,

with recent experience negotiating business transactions, to produce good solutions—which cost less and don't involve the courts.

Please click on Representative Recent Work for specific examples of the kinds of matters Ms. Conroy has facilitated resolving without litigation.

For more information on negotiation solutions, please click on Negotiations.



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