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Copyright Law Advice

Consultants, companies that engage consultants, and businesses that create software or written, graphic, or multimedia works all need to know, among other things:

  • What sorts of materials are covered by the copyright laws, who owns the copyrights in works created, and how those rights affect use;
  • When and how to seek permission to use others’ works;
  • How signed contracts protect copyrights, and allocate correctly the intellectual property in the works that are created; and
  • What to do when different entities work together to create a single project (e.g. Web site, design and copy for collateral materials, programs presented or materials developed with another consultant, etc.).

Helen Leah Conroy advises clients on all of these issues. Current clients include training and development consultants, coaches, designers and content providers, software developers and information technology consultants, and companies doing business with such service providers.

Ms. Conroy is a regular speaker on copyright protection, permission and licensing to business and professional organizations nationwide.

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The material on this page is provided for informational purposes only, and does not constitute legal advice. Only an attorney can identify your specific legal needs and advise you how best to protect your rights and interests.

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