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Customized Forms – Best Practices

To create effective form agreements for customer and client relationships, you need:

Knowledge and experience with other deals, which allow counsel and advisors to undertake a thorough

Analysis, which drives the

Execution of services tailored to your situation, which ultimately allow you to achieve your

Desired Outcomes.

When all of these components are integrated, the resulting best practices can:

  • Streamline and improve client outcomes;
  • Reduce the time needed to negotiate and execute agreements by anticipating and systematizing response to common feedback;
  • Increase consistency across agreements within the company;
  • Make it easier to keep track of obligations for non-standard terms; and
  • Reduce costs by minimizing and in some cases even eliminating “push back” by the client’s customers.

This proven system for creating and improving clients’ internal contracting systems can produce enormous benefits.

Please click on License Agreements or Service Agreements for specific examples of the kinds of forms that Ms. Conroy develops for clients.




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